Well, it’s Thanksgiving week. National Sight Eating Week is here. What do we do?!? Exercise:


Stay positive:

I know what you’re saying, of course I’m putting this here. Thinking positive will help you.

I know that being with family can be stressful, and I know that for those who care about their health, being around foods that you imagine as “cheat” foods can also be stressful. Those two combined can really set you up for failure, unless you realize that both of you have a chance to bring you closer to your goals.

First of all, family and friends should bring laughter and smiles, which will automatically put you in a positive frame of mind, and they will if you allow it. Spending the week thinking that family is stressful will only bring that to the truth. Spend the week thinking about how great it will be and imagining how much fun you will have with your family and friends.

Second, cheat foods should be enjoyed. If you’re going to deviate from your plan to eat something YOU want, you should at least enjoy it! Stress will only send food to the wrong places in your body.

Stay positive throughout the week. I’ll be posting a lot of good stuff this week, so keep checking back.

Enjoy time with family and friends. Seriously, you should laugh and smile at least 137 times.