A Beginner’s/Buyer’s Guide to Cookware – Pots and Pans

For people who want to start learning how to cook, it would be helpful to know that there are two words that will always come up repeatedly every time they have a conversation about cooking. The first is the “ingredients”. Beginners in the kitchen should have an idea of ​​the different ingredients and their corresponding effects on food. The other is “kitchen utensils”. It is a cooking requirement that beginners and buyers have at least basic knowledge about various types of cookware, as well as their functions.

Among ingredients and kitchen utensils, the latter play an important role in how cooking styles and techniques would be applied. Being able to use the proper cookware to match a particular cooking method is essential to creating the best tasting dishes. The main pieces among the wide range of cookware that people who are new to the kitchen should be familiar with are pots and pans. So read up on kitchen newbies! Here’s an overview of these time-honored kitchen essentials.


The pans make it easier to shake and turn food that is cooked with a spatula. It is usually made of heat-receptive materials. These types of pans come in different types, such as non-stick ones.

Roasting pans

Generally, roasting pans include a rack so that the meat that is being cooked does not come into contact with its own juices. Often made of aluminum and stainless steel, roasting pans have the entire surface of the meat exposed. This is so that the heat is distributed equally.

Sauce pans

Meanwhile, pans are round pots with a smooth bottom that has various functions. It can be used for soups, stews and, of course, sauces. Most pans come with tight-fitting lids for storage.


A wok, on the other hand, is shaped like a bowl. It is for cooking at high temperatures and is composed of carbon steel and cast iron among others.


The pots are used to simmer liquids in large volumes. It is also heavy and equipped with two loop handles.

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