The Sad Tale of Nigeria, Article of Your Dreams part 3

The Sad Tale of Nigeria, Article of Your Dreams part 3

Many of todays women are strategically planning on how to become a baby mama to the rich boys. Young women using a painful 9 months of pregnancy to cash out & trap young men that aren’t ready for fatherhood by becoming a deliberate baby mama.

How bout how many wives back home are actively in the know & have accepted that their husband should create another life (marry a foreign wife & make babies) as a means to an end for papers.

Nigeria has become a country where the dominant instinct of the majority is for survival.

Should we talk about how many children as old as 10years have never seen their father physically? Because Papa has been stuck abroad all his life. For the lucky ones, the closest they’ve gotten to their Pop is via a video call. For some they’ve never had anyone to call their Dad.

Friendships are breaking daily; people are escaping like a fugitive without informing their real ones. Siblings are scattered worlds apart with no hope of “when” again.

It’s so worse more than have written. Immigration offices across the country are like crusade ground.

People are selling it all off to relocate.

Despite all these hopelessness & decadence, politicians are unbothered. They are shamelessly hustling to be the new set of cankerworms to devour our economy.


Just painfully wondering, when is our home going to feel like home again?💔




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