The Sad Tale of Nigeria, Article of Your Dreams part 2

The Sad Tale of Nigeria, Article of Your Dreams part 2

Economy is so brutal that majority are just looking for who to climb as their ladder of escape by selling them a “love look alike” & a perfect script of false romance.

The youngins are looking for daily meal ticket…using their private & the oldies are using marriage as a means to an end. Many of these people just want to breathe, eat & survive. Marriage looks like the modern IDP camps.

9ja is happening to love & comfort of choice; & sadly, marriages are taking heavy hits for it everyday.

Ladies are holding on tightly to their abusive relationship with their rich beast of a boyfriend/husband because the money of the same beast is the soothing balm for her injuries & the shield against the poverty she’s running away from. She’s risking her life to keep her life.

Some are even in an abusive relationship/marriages because they are the cash cow for their family members & relatives. Finest of our girls are fast becoming human POS & walking STDs transacting & hooking up on diseased pen!ses here & there; many of our fine young men are .dedicated proud fraudsters. The dating pool is now a smelly gully.

I’ve heard some boast around that they don’t care if their destiny get used, that they aren’t even using the destiny well to start with.

The increasing rate of ritual killing nko?

Nigeria is such a crime sin.


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