5 Shocking Ways my Uncle’s Musings Will Make You a Better Man

5 Shocking Ways my Uncle’s Musings Will Make You a Better Man

Musings are reflections of the present state of mind. Though, sharing them can triggered willfully or by pot substance. This one I’m about to share was triggered by the latter and I will be sharing this story as a first person for you to understand, so join me as we pick my pot smoking jolly uncle’s thought.

“You are perfect but I am not perfect for you and you are not perfect for me.” I just heard the line in a movie and it should be the best break-up line of all time.

I read the book “Hi Fidelity” before the movie was ever created. I started ranking my breakups too! LOL!

The top one was traveling from Lagos to Baltimore to hear what was already said in an email face to face . I learned the lesson of not giving ultimatums. Boxing people into a corner and trying to make them decide is a very bad idea. I was young and very foolish then. LOL!

The second one was weird. We were not yet there but it was a pre-emptive breakup before it got too serious. I later found out the reason. I wasn’t the fairy tale. She is still searching for the fairytale 27 years later. Still unmarried. I felt sad but moved on quickly. She didn’t.

3rd one was also weird. She gave me all the reasons to start a relationship but I didn’t because she had a boyfriend. I was being the gentleman. She left the dude and became engaged to another guy straight. She called me to practically ask me out before she did. I was game for it The difference between it happening and not happening was my car failing on Kingsway Road in Ikoyi the day I was going to go take her to the airport to go to Benin. It was February 14th. The other guy moved in and took her there

She was a loyal person. She married out of loyalty, Called me 3 days before the wedding and asked if she should go ahead. I told her to go ahead. I sent a bible passage I randomly saw. “Except the Lord builds, the laborers labor in vain. “ I was miserable for a month. Her Dad and my Dad were also quite close. Died the same year.

4th one – After one month, she told me point blank that she preferred my roommate in school. I was sad and was going home later that night to tell my guy. Saw two of them in bed. LOL!!!! UNIBEN (university of Benin) was wild!!! Young people need to go through these things to learn more about people.

After those experiences, I didn’t wait to get served quit notice. I became the bad guy. Until 2 am one day in Abuja when I was pushed to the streets. LMAO!!! That should have been in the top 5 but we were not really in a relationship. It was a FWB (friends with benefit) mistaken for a relationship.

It continues in the second part……




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