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College Football Game Recap: Virginia Tech in Miami on 11/20/10

In Miami we have a battle looming with the ACC title implications at stake as the West Virginia Hokies take on the Miami Hurricanes. Both teams are very athletic and have a lot of speed on both sides of the ball. The Hurricanes’ Damien Berry takes control of the line of scrimmage early in the first quarter thanks to his breakaway speed and the greats in the trenches holding up his blocks. After maintaining the running game and gaining 40 rushing yards, a game action pass to Leonard Hankerson gives the Hurricanes an early lead in the first. With this touchdown reception he surpasses Michael Irving in the most touchdown receptions in Miami history. With a chance for the Hurricanes to take control after allowing just one first down from Tyrod Taylor for 17 yards. The punt was lost by Travis Benjamin giving the ball to the Hokies.

Immediately after the Canes’ rotation, Tyrod Taylor was fired by Marcus Robinson, who is credited with the forced fumble. Then the Canes came out using a few tricks and going with a flea blink that allots them 43 yards and really draws a crowd when the stadium blows up. Later they lead another premature loss in 4th and 1st. Miami is going for it in its own red zone. Bad decision. It’s too early to try a fourth down in the first quarter. They should get the points while they have the chance. On subsequent possession, Tyrod Taylor leads the troops across the field on a 12-play 88-yard drive that took just over 6 minutes and took some of the momentum out of the Canes, calming the crowd. That ended the first quarter.

To start the second quarter, Miami had a response for the Virginia Tech drive with a good mix of running and passing. Morris for the Canes leads them down the field in 11 plays, gaining 55 yards and taking 4 minutes to get into field goal range as the Canes strike out on 3 off Matt Bosher’s leg. From 34 yards he hits it through the studs to make it 10-7 early in the second quarter. In Virginia Tech’s next series, the Canes are hit by penalties that lose 30 yards. Recently, this has been a problem for Miami in many of its games. The pass interference call puts the Hokies in field goal range when Chris Hazely scores the 49-yard field goal to tie the game at 10, 5 minutes into the second quarter. Miami looked good in the series after Tech’s field goal until a miscommunication between the center and rookie quarterback Stephen Morris led to the third baton loss from the half. Billing does not result in any points for Tech. After the Canes defense allows 1 first down, the punt to the end zone is a touchback. Miami marches down and misses a field goal to close nearly half.

When Miami got the ball in the first half, the Hokies got the ball to start the second. The second half started a bit slow with both defenses forcing a punt. After holding a drive on the second possession for Tech, the drive was capped off with a beautiful pass from Tyrod Taylor to Danny Coale for 43 yards and the first score of the second half. Miami will not fall without a fight !!! Miller drives the Canes’ forward with a 47-yard rush, resulting in a touchdown to tie the game at 17 at the end of the 3rd. Miller comes in with a rushing touchdown for Miami from 4 yards. Tech’s momentum after the score results in a punt for the Hokies and the Canes take control within their own 20. They swing out and win the battle in the trenches with the big hoses out front creating some nice holes for Damien Berry and Miller the previous unit. This closes the third quarter …

Not even a minute and a half into the fourth quarter Ryan Williams breaks free for the Hokies and takes him home for 84 yards !!! He went off to the races and none of the sprinters defending the Dogs could catch him. After he broke through the gates, he was unstoppable and headed for the end zone. This just goes to show that sticking with the running game definitely pays off in the fourth quarter. Keep in mind that the winner of this game goes to the ACC title game, so in this rivalry emotions are running high and this game is shaping up to be one that fans expected from 2 teams that joined the ACC at the same time. . However, Miami has never played for a title since they changed divisions and joined the ACC.

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